What’s in a Name?

How does your family feel about their name?  My last name is not the one I was born with, but it is the one that I have identified with for 25 years.  This year, the patriarch of my husband’s family passed away.  There were four boys in the family, each very proud of who they are, how they were raised, and the type of man that led them.

As Christmas rolled around, it got me thinking about a gift to celebrate Dad Tenerowicz, or perhaps it was to celebrate all of us with the Tenerowicz name. So what did I do?  I lied to everyone.  Of course in a good way.  I told everyone in the family that my younger son was doing a geneology project in history.  His assignment was to get everyone in his family to provide 2 words that described the name TENEROWICZ.   It was interesting to see the responses.  I didn’t really want to lie, but I wanted the responses to be raw.  If they knew what it was for, it might have changed their response.

What Tenerowicz means to us.

Once I got all of the responses, my business partner helped me design a specialty piece and we printed it on glass: one for each member of the family.  I must say, it was a very special gift.  I truly feel that it captured the family “being” very well.

These are the words (a couple phrases in there) that my family feels describes a Tenerowicz.


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