June is a Crazy Month.

If you have kids, then you know that June is a crazy month.  Between finals for older kids and end of school activities for the younger ones, it gets very busy.  For some, it’s already over.  For me, it’s the last week.  However, looking forward, our summer looks just as busy.  With that said, these are all good problems.  We have positive adventures with healthy kids.  I really can’t complain about that…life is good.

My oldest son is in high school and plays baseball.  We had a wonderful addition to the craziness when his team made it through the North Coast Section playoffs and into the Championship game.  Unfortunately, many of the games were rescheduled due to rain, so their championship game was Monday (the night before finals).  Not ideal timing, but it was how mother nature dictated.  I’m happy, elated, overjoyed, and relieved to report that they won the North Coast Section Championship for the 2nd year in a row.  I’m so proud.

I must admit, one of the perks of having kids in sports, is having access to their equipment.  I want to thank all of the boys who found me rummaging through their bags and browsing their equipment looking for letters. I think they’ve all gotten use to me now.  Our Spell-It-Out Photos sports gallery is building.  Here is a piece that was done for Brayden, their batboy.   Those are his cleats as the B.  How cool is that?


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