IMG_4918When planning a wedding, everyone wants to know about all of the newest ideas, trends, and vendors available.  Of course, a wedding fair is a fabulous collection of “everything wedding”.   However, these can be crowded and overwhelming, or FUN.  You choose which one you want to focus on.

Spell-It-Out Photos just participated in the Luxe Bridal Show at the gorgeous Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA.  This is a beautiful old world venue in the Berkeley Hills with a “to die for” view of San Francisco.  100’s and 100’s of brides, family members, and bridal entourage roamed the ballrooms filled with vendors.  I could see that some brides had “option overload” in their eyes.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but here are some tips to make the day more enjoyable.

  • Go with the right attitude. KNOW that it might be well attended (crowded) with a buffet of options (overwhelming).  Get what I’m doing?   Think on the positive side!
  • LABELS – bring labels! You will have many opportunities to sign-up for giveaways or you may want to request information.  You can take the time to write the same information over…and over…and over OR  you can print address labels with your name, wedding date, and email address.   Then you can easily peal and stick that information onto the contact cards.  And…being on the other side of the wedding fair table…it is so much easier to read when trying to reach a drawing winner or send pertinent information.
  • Keep your phone handy. The beauty of modern technology for these events is the camera phone!  Take pictures of ideas or vendors that you like.  When you get home, download them into file folders to keep track.  These can be a great source of reference.
  • Use Evernote! Have you discovered this yet?   It’s a great personal dictation app.   You can just text (or my favorite…voice text) your notes into folders.  LOVE IT!
  • Have YOUR wedding. Speaking on a very personal note.  One of having “been there” and “done that”.   Everyone is different.  YOU need to be happy at the end of the wedding day (oh and your partner too).   Have the wedding that suits YOU.  Whether it be casual, country, formal, glitzy, or bohemian…whatever.   Resist the urge to make EVERYONE happy.  It’s a lovely thought, but will make you crazy.  Create your wedding as an extension of your personality.


OH – and congratulations to Cheryl Sembrano for being OUR drawing winner.  She won a $200 gift certificate towards a Guest Book Frame from Spell-It-Out Photos.

Below are some photos from the Luxe Bridal Show. David Tutera was the Guest Celeb.  Oh BTW…Luxe does an absolutely fantastic job!  These are great events if you have the chance to go.

Using Letter Art for Your Wedding

Wedding traditions are wonderful, but many people are interested in new options for their weddings. Spell-It-Out Photos, your online source for wonderful letter art, offers options for your wedding. Instead of having a traditional guest book at your wedding, we offer guest book photo art that everyone can sign.Print

When you choose this option, we will create a custom piece just for your special day featuring our letter photography. The image is then placed on a single mat board with lots of room for friends and family to sign and add a note. Once everyone has signed it, the image and matting is placed into a frame that you can enjoy for the rest of your lives. Whenever you  look at it, you’ll be reminded of that magical day that you and your significant other became one!

Don’t wait until the last minute to place an order for our letter art for your wedding day! Our team is ready to provide you with great letter photography and unique matting options that you won’t find from other businesses. Review the many selections available and place an order online today. We are confident that you’ll be able to find art for your wedding.

Individual Letter Photography – A Unique Design Element

Breathe.jpgInterior designers and people looking for special art pieces for their home know that finding distinct pieces that you can’t find anywhere else is very important to any space. Adding that certain something special to any space means you should be looking high and low for something you won’t find from standard big box stores. Spell-It-Out Photos, you online source for the best letter photography available, is proud to offer individual letter photography for your needs.

Our individual letter photos are different from the rest, as we took all of these photos and offer them up to you for your bedrooms, offices, and any other space. Whether you want to use just one letter to signify something important or are interested in purchasing a variety of our letters to make your own letter photography piece, we are proud to provide you with amazing photographs in full color, black and white, and sepia tone.

Review the many great letter photos in our gallery and make the right choice by shopping with us. We cater to DIY people who love making special designs in their home, as well as individuals looking for special gifts and interior designers who just want something special to customize a space.

Frame ONLY options

Letter art DIYers are going to love this.

We’ve added FRAME ONLY options to the site.

For those of you that have used your own special letters, personal portraits, or actually took the time to have your family MAKE the letters, you can now order custom letter art frames with wonderful collection of mouldings and mats.

FamilyThe frame only option is great as an added item to accent one of our letter art frames.  For instance, create a letter art frame that says FAMILY, then add a frame only option (number of openings up to you) and put photos of each family member in it.  These two frames can be FrameOnlya wonderful anchor to a collage wall.

The possibilities are endless: create letters,have your kids hold letters, or form the letters yourselves.




A NEW year!

2015 brings many changes for everyone.  New year resolutions are made…and sometimes broken.  However, most people take this as a fresh start for thinking.  So do we.  Our studio is filled with ideas, concepts, and chatter of what is to come.  I love this time of year.  I love the energy and forward thinking.  A few things that we are working on for 2015 are

– A new quote site that features 100’s of quotes printed on wood.  We will announce more in a month or two.

– New letter images – California FINALLY has some precipitation and thus SNOW!   We will be heading to the mountains soon to add to our winter gallery.

– Expanding our international fulfillment system.  We enjoy providing our productions internationally, but shipping can be prohibitive.  We are hoping to create better options for international customers this year.

We hope your NEW year is filled with energizing ideas!


New In the Studio

We’ve added a few new items, right in time for the holidays!

Large Quote Plaques – our basic Quote Plaques have always been a popular item.  However, customers would frequently ask for custom larger sizes.  We listened…now you have a choice between a small or large Quote Plaque.

Quote Plaque Prints / and a framing option –  Yes, more with the quote plaques.  The design can now be purchased as just a print.  This is great if you have a specialty frame that you would like to use.  Keep in mind that our Quote Plaque sizes are not standard sizes and will require custom framing.  For a simple solution, you can have us frame your print in a basic black solid wood moulding at checkout.

BABY colors and template for the Quote Plaques – Soft pink and blue have been added as background options as well as a baby rattle template.  These are fabulous gifts or wall decor for a new baby.

Also check out our new children’s book, Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt at any online book retailer.  Or quick link here at

How We Find the Letters.

I’ve been asked by a few people recently, “How do you find the letters?”  Well, I’m not sure if I find them or they find me.  Ever since letter art was introduced to me in college by my photography teacher, I’ve just seen letters in things.  This teacher, taught us to look past the obvious.  It’s a wonderful lesson for life in general, but an excellent tool for letter hunting.

The key to finding letters is to let your mind wander a bit on a subject.   Then to narrow your focus on that particular subject to see the detail.  I like to stand on my toes then squat down, just so I can see different angles.  I’ll tilt my head and walk around.  dogI’m pretty sure I look like a dog that has heard a funny sound.  Come on…I know you know that look.  A tilted head and a dazed look.  Yep, that’s what I look like.   It’s ok, I’m willing to look goofy if I can find a good letter.   Usually a letter will just JUMP out.  Sometimes the background is not right and I’ve learned over time when to walk away.  Otherwise, I’ll take about 20 shots from different angles, just to see which one looks best.

In our new children’s book, Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt, we have a little chant for the kids.  It’s a fun way to remember to look around.

Going on a letter hunt.
This is what I do.
I look all around
then I narrow my view.
I take two steps forward,
now I step to the side.
I’m looking for a clue.
These letters can’t hide.
I need to check the angle.
Is it better if I’m low?
Let me turn a little more,
maybe stand on tippy-toe.
I lean a little forward,
then I lean little back.
I do them both again
because I’m on the right track.
I tell myself I can.
And I know that it’s true.

I am a Letter Hunter.
That is what I do!

Alphie Hits The Classroom

TeacherReadingOur newly released children’s book, Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt, has hit the classrooms.  We’ve heard from teachers around the country that the students love the book and get excited to find letters while out on recess.

A great rainy day activity is to read the book, then look around the classroom to see what letters are hiding inside.  Do chair legs make a letter?  What about a couple chairs BoyReadyBooktogether?  Look at them from various angles.  Have the children say the Letter Hunt Chant and they search.  See what letters you can find and then what letters you can make.  Be creative – it’s all an adventure.

Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt is a great free reading book too.  They rhymes are engaging to the emerging readers and easy to follow.

Books available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

New Release – Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt

Alphie_Book_FrontCover-SMOur letter art children’s book is out, released, available, and ready to be read to eager lil’ readers.  Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt is a creative ABC book geared to children 3-9.  The fun loving alphabet guide, Alphie, leads the way up trees, on beaches, into parks, and many other fun places where various letters of the alphabet are hiding—in plain view.

The use of our letter art photography shows children that if they look past the obvious, they can find letters in everyday objects. Letter hunting is a fun treasure hunt that can be incorporated into any activity, indoor or out.

Between the antics of the main character, Alphie, the rhythmic stanzas, and the letter art photography, this fun and interactive book engages young readers from beginning to end. Plus, make sure to read the letter hunt chant at the end of the book. It’s a fun song to sing while out on a letter hunt of your own!

Available at:


Barnes and Noble

Alphie the Letter Hunter

Interested in reviewing the book on your blog? Contact Sue at