Opening Day – Life Lessons from Baseball!

Baseball_QuotePlaqueOpening Day of baseball season is here!  As many of us get excited for the new season wondering what team will win in October, there are many other victories than simply earning a W.

Several years ago, we created our first baseball letter art piece for a graduation gift.  It was a special piece and many of our letters are from this young man’s own equipment or home field.  Along the back of the frame we attached a few Lessons in Life that are learned on the field.  We hope you enjoy reading this piece.  Many of us in the studio have young baseball players.  We know as parents that there are MANY lessons that are learned from sports, but somehow, baseball sticks out for us.  PLAY BALL!

Life Lessons from Baseball

Don’t Argue Balls and StrikesEven if you are 100% sure that it was bad call. Try not to blow up in the umpire’s face. It will usually result in an even worse outcome. Have you EVER seen an umpire change a ball/strike call?

Life Lesson: Learn to avoid the battles that can’t be won.   Take the good with the bad and trust that the law of averages will eventually be on your side.

Attitude Matters – Tuck in your shirt, run to your position, and don’t ever throw your helmet.

Life Lesson: Take it seriously, but have fun. If things don’t go your way, don’t throw a fit, just figure out how to do it better next time. This is the attitude that makes a good employee, person, spouse, and friend.

Learn to Bounce Back – You will strike out. You will make an error. You will try to steal a base and fail.   Baseball is a game of failure, so use these setbacks as learning experiences. Failing isn’t bad.  In baseball, if you fail 50% of the time at the plate, you have an incredible batting average

Life Lesson:  Don’t let your failures blind you from your successes. Put yourself out there and learn from the setbacks. Don’t be afraid to take chances or let failure stop you from trying again.

Collect Yourself A pick-off attempt is made and you dive back into first. Don’t be afraid to call time, brush yourself off, straighten your hat, and then lead off again.

Life Lesson: Learn to take small moments in life to collect yourself.

Don’t be Intimidated – It’s the pitcher’s job to intimidate you as a batter. He will throw curve balls at your head and inside pitches to your body. Who owns that plate, you or the pitcher? If the pitcher takes control, you lose. Don’t get intimidated, stand close to the plate and get your bat ready for what’s next.

Life Lesson: Who controls your life? You do. Stand tall, take control, and don’t let outside forces intimidate you.

Practice TeamworkGetting to know your fellow team members, their habits, strengths, and weaknesses can serve to develop a solid core of trust and communication on the filed. It’s the chemistry that makes good teams great.

Life Lesson: Take the time to get to know your teammates in life. Learn what they can do for you, but more importantly, what you can do for them, and how you can succeed together.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask / Don’t Stop LearningHaving trouble with your swing? Not sure where the weakness in the strike zone is? The best ball players are those that are always trying to find out from others, what they cannot see themselves. What may seem impossible for you to spot may be immediately obvious to others.

Life Lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, help, or some on-the-side coaching. More importantly, be coachable.

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A NEW year!

2015 brings many changes for everyone.  New year resolutions are made…and sometimes broken.  However, most people take this as a fresh start for thinking.  So do we.  Our studio is filled with ideas, concepts, and chatter of what is to come.  I love this time of year.  I love the energy and forward thinking.  A few things that we are working on for 2015 are

– A new quote site that features 100’s of quotes printed on wood.  We will announce more in a month or two.

– New letter images – California FINALLY has some precipitation and thus SNOW!   We will be heading to the mountains soon to add to our winter gallery.

– Expanding our international fulfillment system.  We enjoy providing our productions internationally, but shipping can be prohibitive.  We are hoping to create better options for international customers this year.

We hope your NEW year is filled with energizing ideas!


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New In the Studio

We’ve added a few new items, right in time for the holidays!

Large Quote Plaques – our basic Quote Plaques have always been a popular item.  However, customers would frequently ask for custom larger sizes.  We listened…now you have a choice between a small or large Quote Plaque.

Quote Plaque Prints / and a framing option –  Yes, more with the quote plaques.  The design can now be purchased as just a print.  This is great if you have a specialty frame that you would like to use.  Keep in mind that our Quote Plaque sizes are not standard sizes and will require custom framing.  For a simple solution, you can have us frame your print in a basic black solid wood moulding at checkout.

BABY colors and template for the Quote Plaques – Soft pink and blue have been added as background options as well as a baby rattle template.  These are fabulous gifts or wall decor for a new baby.

Also check out our new children’s book, Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt at any online book retailer.  Or quick link here at

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How We Find the Letters.

I’ve been asked by a few people recently, “How do you find the letters?”  Well, I’m not sure if I find them or they find me.  Ever since letter art was introduced to me in college by my photography teacher, I’ve just seen letters in things.  This teacher, taught us to look past the obvious.  It’s a wonderful lesson for life in general, but an excellent tool for letter hunting.

The key to finding letters is to let your mind wander a bit on a subject.   Then to narrow your focus on that particular subject to see the detail.  I like to stand on my toes then squat down, just so I can see different angles.  I’ll tilt my head and walk around.  dogI’m pretty sure I look like a dog that has heard a funny sound.  Come on…I know you know that look.  A tilted head and a dazed look.  Yep, that’s what I look like.   It’s ok, I’m willing to look goofy if I can find a good letter.   Usually a letter will just JUMP out.  Sometimes the background is not right and I’ve learned over time when to walk away.  Otherwise, I’ll take about 20 shots from different angles, just to see which one looks best.

In our new children’s book, Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt, we have a little chant for the kids.  It’s a fun way to remember to look around.

Going on a letter hunt.
This is what I do.
I look all around
then I narrow my view.
I take two steps forward,
now I step to the side.
I’m looking for a clue.
These letters can’t hide.
I need to check the angle.
Is it better if I’m low?
Let me turn a little more,
maybe stand on tippy-toe.
I lean a little forward,
then I lean little back.
I do them both again
because I’m on the right track.
I tell myself I can.
And I know that it’s true.

I am a Letter Hunter.
That is what I do!

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Alphie Hits The Classroom

TeacherReadingOur newly released children’s book, Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt, has hit the classrooms.  We’ve heard from teachers around the country that the students love the book and get excited to find letters while out on recess.

A great rainy day activity is to read the book, then look around the classroom to see what letters are hiding inside.  Do chair legs make a letter?  What about a couple chairs BoyReadyBooktogether?  Look at them from various angles.  Have the children say the Letter Hunt Chant and they search.  See what letters you can find and then what letters you can make.  Be creative – it’s all an adventure.

Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt is a great free reading book too.  They rhymes are engaging to the emerging readers and easy to follow.

Books available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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New Release – Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt

Alphie_Book_FrontCover-SMOur letter art children’s book is out, released, available, and ready to be read to eager lil’ readers.  Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt is a creative ABC book geared to children 3-9.  The fun loving alphabet guide, Alphie, leads the way up trees, on beaches, into parks, and many other fun places where various letters of the alphabet are hiding—in plain view.

The use of our letter art photography shows children that if they look past the obvious, they can find letters in everyday objects. Letter hunting is a fun treasure hunt that can be incorporated into any activity, indoor or out.

Between the antics of the main character, Alphie, the rhythmic stanzas, and the letter art photography, this fun and interactive book engages young readers from beginning to end. Plus, make sure to read the letter hunt chant at the end of the book. It’s a fun song to sing while out on a letter hunt of your own!

Available at:


Barnes and Noble

Alphie the Letter Hunter

Interested in reviewing the book on your blog? Contact Sue at

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Summertime Photography Fun for Kids

Summertime is a great time for kids to explore their creative side.  Without the pressure of homework and class time, kids can relax, recharge, and rediscover the fun of down time.   Use our list of ideas to add a little photography to their summer fun.  It’s a simple way to be creative AND keep them busy for a while.

1) Go on a letter hunt.  Use our letter art images as an example.  Have them go out and find letters in the world (nature, buildings, sports equipment, etc.).  Our site is  Spell-It-Out Photos

  • Search for a letter a week.  Find as many examples of that letter.  See which letters are easier or harder to find.
  • Have a word for the week.  Have them search for all the letters to spell a certain word.  You can have it theme related (states, flowers, names, etc.)
  • Give them a location to use and to spell.   For instance, if their High School is named CAMPOLINDO, see if they can spell CAMPOLINDO from letter images found on campus.
  • Make it a road trip adventure.  Search for letters while on the road.  It may be difficult to stop and take a photo of each letter, but if you can, what a great way to remember the trip.
  • Headed to the beach?  Seaweed can form so many different letters.  See what particular item in your surroundings can lend itself to create a variety of letters.
  • Make it a special project.  Maybe Grandpa has a birthday coming up.  See if they can spell GRANDPA out of areas or things that he likes.  This will make the gift so much Calendarmore special.
  • Add a PERSONal touch.  Try to photography the alphabet out of people making the letters.  You can do one letter at a time or use a panoramic lens to capture the entire word.

2) Take a photo of the same thing (tree)  or view (intersection or backyard) every day.  See how it changes.

3) Do a photo journal of their summer.  Have them take photos to explain their summer.  Tell them if they couldn’t use words, how would they explain their summer in pictures.  THAT’s what they should shoot.

4) Take a selfie every day.  Kids love to do this anyway.  Have them see how they change over the summer. 

5) Record growth.  Do they garden? Take a photo of how a flower, vegetable, or fruit changes as it grows every day.

6) Be creative.  Let them come up with ideas too.

NOTE:  You can add writing to any of these to help promote their writing skills over the summer.  Have them keep a journal of their findings or write a small essay on how they discovered certain letters.  Be creative!  There are SO many ways to enhance their skills without them feeling like it iswork.  Make learning and discovery FUN!

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Paradise-JCWe love our quote plaques.  Apparently, so do our customers.  These are our most popular item.  We have noticed quite the trend in quotes in general.  Facebook is FILLED with quotes being shared and liked.  Twitter is a constant buzz of retweets and favorites from various quotes.  Quotes are a great way to reinforce a thought.  Sometimes it’s motivation or inspiration – other times it’s love or life. 

Quotes are so fun, that we decided to start another business based solely on quotes.  We are in the midst of setting up our website and creating our layouts.  Look forWallsOfQuotes_Logo_Final Walls of Quotes  ( to be up and running in the next 6 months.  We’ll have 100’s of quotes in various categories.  There are 11 background colors to choose from and 6 different sizes.  Between your personal photos, Walls of Quotes, and Spell-It-Out Photos, your walls will be decorated and filled with meaningful content.

Do you have a favorite quote?  Send it to me – .

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Lessons in Letters

We love hearing how our customers use our images or finished pieces.  It’s wonderful to see the creativity and sentiment that goes into creating their letter art.  Sometimes, it just makes us stop and take a breath.  Like this story:

A customer ordered the letters H O P E.  I sent her my usual note, asking how she used the letters.  Here is her lovely response.

Hi Sue,

I work in a wonderful cancer center where the word HOPE means many things.  Hope for additional years of life, hope that the treatment is working, hope that there are people who care and understand, hope to find a way to be pain-free, hope to find acceptance of their illness and peace with the outcome……to name just a few.

During my time in this facility, I had the pleasure of working with a nurse who could inspire, educate and help even our sickest patients find and keep hope alive.  My collegue and friend, Cathy, accepted an opportunity to manage a new cancer practice in another city.  I was looking for a way to let Cathy know that not only will we miss her but that we appreciate and value her rare talents as a patient advocate.

I found your website and decided to make a framed collage of your beautiful photos for Cathy to take to her new office to remember the past patients and employees that she inspired with hope. It is my hope that she will hang it in her new office to remember the importance of hope to every one of us. And especially to point out how important her presence is to her new patients and employees.

Thank you for the beautiful, artful letters and for inspiring this gift.

Michelle R.

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Softball Images Added

softball-passionWe’ve had several requests to add softball letter images.  Though many of the baseball images can be used for softball, we wanted to include some sport specific ones per the requests.  Letters added are S, I, O, U.  We will continue to add as we go.

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